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Raising Christlike kids in an X-rated world

How do we help our children navigate the maze of sexual propaganda?

By David B. Crabtree

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his epic The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. His haunting tale of a sailing ship running out of drinking water in the middle of the ocean paints a very modern picture. Our culture is awash in sexual perversity and disinformation. Sex has become the foundation of our comedy, our music, our stage and silver screen. It streams through the afternoon television hours and gushes into prime time. Sex sells everything from soap to car insurance. Pornography stalks the Internet. It floods the newsstand. It leads in the tabloids.

With the rise of secular humanism the resulting moral vacuum has been filled with a strain of hedonism that would make Nero blush. A moral sewer surrounds our families. If we will not protect and guide our children with God’s truth concerning sexual issues, the culture will gladly provide them with a degraded sexual context. Sexual information is everywhere, but truth is hard to find.

The danger for children is not just indirect, either. Children themselves are increasingly the targets for sexual exploitation. The stench of pedophilia is wafting through ever-widening circles of society. Judith Levine, for example, in her book Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex (University of Minnesota Press, 2002) writes: “Sex is not harmful to children. It is a vehicle to self-knowledge, love, healing, creativity, adventure, and intense feelings of aliveness. There are many ways even the smallest of children can partake of it.” If what seeps from the academic world today will pollute the mainstream tomorrow, we are moving into the opening phase of a sexual “shock and awe” campaign that promises the complete destruction of our moral base.

Who could imagine a culture where the sexual exploitation of minors was venerated? Godless people are imagining such a culture. These people are not skulking around dark alleyways or hiding out in the seedy underbelly of the culture. They speak and write under the authority of earned degrees. They are the shock troops for a new Sodom and Gomorrah.

Malcolm Muggeridge captured the present-day insanity when he wrote, “We have educated ourselves into imbecility.” Indeed, moral bankruptcy creates the most wicked and deadly ghetto.


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